Top Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Football Team Names (2019)

Having trouble deciding on a team name for your Fantasy Football league this year?

Whether you’re in a guillotine league or starting a good old-fashioned friendship-destroying, trophy-winning fantasy league, below are our top picks for Pittsburgh Steeler-based team names. We’ve scoured the internet, forums and our brains to bring you our favorites!

  1. Really Good JuJu
  2. Carry On My Heyward Son
  3. Bad JuJu
  4. It Burns When I Pee
  5. One Foot In the Hargrave
  6. Watt Is On Your Roethlisberger
  7. Put Your Back In Tuitt
  8. Owning Cleveland Since 2015
  9. The Wreck of the Edmunds Fitzgerald
  10. My Pouncey To Conclusions Pad
  11. Going To Switzerland
  12. Schuster, I Don’t Even Know Her
  13. Fried Okorafor
  14. Dobbs Is A Free Elf
  15. Mr. James Goes To Washington
  16. Stay in Your Layne
  17. A Webb of Lies
  18. May I Have This Vance
  19. Everybody Be Haden
  20. Bushwhacked
  21. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
  22. For Whom The Snell Tolls
  23. Open My Bag Of Nix
  24. Conner For Real
  25. Bad Case of Connerhea
  26. Nix Are For Kids
  27. Dupree or Not Dupree, That Is The Question
  28. Turn Down For Watt
  29. Boswell, New Mexico
  30. Have Yourself a Berry Little Christmas
  31. Bill Cowher’s Ghost
  32. Tomlin Be Trippin’
  33. Tittsburgh Feelers (via /u/swissburgh)

That’s 33 Pittsburgh Steelers fantasy football team names, but we know there are more out there. What are some of your favorites? Best ones get added to the list. Special thanks to Moskalk for contributing.

If you’re the commissioner of your league, don’t be a Kevin and instead,  check out our tips for how to be a good Fantasy Football Commissioner.

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