Top New Orleans Saints Fantasy Football Team Names For 2019

Having trouble deciding on a team name for your Fantasy Football league this year?

Whether you’re in a guillotine league or starting a good old-fashioned friendship-destroying, trophy-winning fantasy league, below are our top picks for New Orleans Saints-based team names. We’ve scoured the internet, forums and Reddit to bring you our favorites!

  1. Life’s a Brees
  2. Alvin and the Chipmunks
  3. Kamara-maraaaaaa
  4. Ginn and Juice
  5. Tre’Quanton Soup
  6. He Went To Jared
  7. Nuts For Lutz
  8. Morstead More Problems
  9. Hurricane Drew
  10. Thank Ya Breesus
  11. Summer Brees
  12. Breesus, King of the Drews
  13. Kamara’s A Bitch
  14. The Brees Knees
  15. Can’t Guard Mike
  16. Want To Be Like Mike
  17. Taysom-thing
  18. Teddy Two Gloves
  19. Lutz Get Physical
  20. Thomas The Tank Engine
  21. Kicked In The Lutz
  22. If You Can’t Dodge It, Ramczyk
  23. Deez Lutz
  24. 3 Blind Refs
  25. This is Kamaraca

That’s 25 New Orleans Saints fantasy football team names, but we know there are more out there. What are some of your favorites? Best ones get added to the list.

If you’re the commissioner of your league, don’t be a Kevin and instead, check out our tips for how to be a good Fantasy Football Commissioner.

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