Top 50+ Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Team Names For 2019

Having trouble deciding on a team name for your Fantasy Football league this year?

Whether you’re in a guillotine league or starting a good old-fashioned friendship-destroying, trophy-winning fantasy league, below are our top picks for Dallas Cowboys-based team names. We’ve scoured the internet and the forums to bring you our favorites!

  1. The Zeke Freak
  2. Hanging With Mr. Cooper
  3. Dak Hole Sun
  4. One Man Wolf Dak
  5. Zeke and Destroy
  6. Dak A Mole
  7. The Iron Zeke
  8. Dak Attack
  9. Where the Redfern Grows
  10. Chunn of Fun
  11. Someone Help Me Get this Tyron
  12. Help Me Obi Wan Chidobe
  13. The Maher of Dallas
  14. Dak Your Bags
  15. Everybody Wang Chunn Tonight
  16. Smitten With Witten
  17. I’m a little Awuzie, I better sit down (via The Landry Hat)
  18. Dak To The Future
  19. Lee, Myself, and I
  20. Can I Get a Witteness?
  21. Esch-a-Sketch
  22. At My Wittens End
  23. Morris Less
  24. Cracked The Codey
  25. Maher of Kickstown
  26. I’ll Have The Cobb Salad
  27. What’s the Rush, Cooper?
  28. Vander Esch Wilder
  29. Weber, I Barely Know ‘Er
  30. The Gallup Polls
  31. Olawale Oxenfree
  32. Addicted to Dak
  33. The Zeke’a Virus (via /user/PunkZdoc)
  34. The Book of Ezekiel (via /user/Kingcentaur)
  35. The Zeke Show (via /user/Kingcentaur)
  36. Zeke Revenge (via /user/Kingcentaur)
  37. Let’s Get PhyZekiel (via /user/Kingcentaur)
  38. Elliott’s red kettle donations  (via /user/Kingcentaur)
  39. Ezekiel 25:17 (via /user/Kingcentaur)
  40. Dak In A Box (via /user/haydos2336)
  41. Jason Garrett’s Happy Clappers (via /user/GeorgeS2411)
  42. Le Zeke Cest Chic (via /user/moliver777)
  43. Crop Tops Only (via /user/SouthOrangeJuice)
  44. Password is Taco Charlton (via /user/raycem)
  45. Daks out for Lombardi (via /user/nerdvernacular)
  46. It Ain’t Easy Bein Chidobe (via /user/krob89_)
  47. Witteness Protection Program (via
  48. Witten do that if I were you (via
  49. Witten It Be Nice (via
  50. Witten in the Stars (via
  51. Witten Needs No Helmet (via
  52. Witten on the Walls (via
  53. Witten Up for Bad Behavior (via

That’s 40 Dallas Cowboys fantasy football team names, but we know there are more out there. What are some of your favorites? Shoot us a note to get yours added or add a comment down below.

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