Ranking the New NFL Uniforms in 2020

Six teams launched new uniforms for one reason or another in 2020. We aren’t counting the Colts, as they stole created their own new logo (with very minor tweaks to uniform). The Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers rolled out the new thread this offseason. Let’s take a look and rank them!

6. Los Angeles Rams

The worst of the bunch, is the newest of the bunch. It started with the “leak” of the new logo, which was almost universally panned. Even Rams legend Eric Dickerson took enough offence to meet with ownership to try and change it (with no avail). Feels like they are trying way too hard to connect the Rams to the new stadium opening up in the 2020 season (maybe).

It’s not even a white uniform. It’s “bone” colored. To “represent the horn or a ram and the sands of the beach.” Don’t you just love the reasoning that franchises come up with to try to sell you on things? HA!

The Blue jersey’s have a gradient on the numbers. Didn’t we all learn from the Jaguars that gradients don’t really work in uniforms?

Speaking of bad helmets, the Rams new dome looks… bright. It’s also got the terrible new ram horn from the logo. But, props to the Rams for being the first team to ever put a logo on a helmet. Just, please put a different ram horn on the helmet.

5. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have had the same uniforms for quite some time. They were pretty sweet when they were introduced early on in the Michael Vick days, but, they haven’t really aged extremely well. Let’s see what they’ve got now… Not much better.

Another gradient mishap. When will teams realize that the gradient just doesn’t work. Looks like his pants are coming up to his nipples. It does not work well, especially when this gets into action, it’ll look even worse in a game.

Peeking at the all white uniforms, typically a good look. But, the red pinstripe, connecting the jersey to the pants. Looks so perfect here in the demo. Almost too perfect. It’ll never look like this again. Get into a game, and that immediately gets offset.

How edgy. They are choosing to put “ATL” on the chest instead of “Atlanta.” The same thing that the NBA did a decade ago, and not really that great of a trend anymore.

4. New England Patriots

New England got new uniforms last in 2000. Do you know who got drafted in 2000? Tom Brady. Do you know who isn’t on the team in 2020? Tom Brady. Two decades, one dynasty. Now, the uniform is gone, only to be replaced with this new one…

…or IS it new? Yes, you might recognize these uniforms. Its the same as the color rush uniforms the Pats have worn the past couple of seasons. Great job thinking outside the box there.

Oh… and there is only two jerseys, and one pants color. It’s the uniform combination of a high school in 1995.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Now we’re getting into obvious improvements. You’ll notice a trend with the next three uniforms. A direct call back to a uniform that the fans loved. Not trying to do too much, and creating a monster (see: Buccaneers of 2019)

These are a direct call back to the Super Bowl team with Warren Sapp. The Tony Dungy / Jon Gruden era if I may. Nothing at all to complain about this.

Another major complain that the previous uniforms had was the GIANT flag on the helmet. This new flag, is still bigger than the Warren Sapp days, but, not nearly as large and awful as last year’s model. Definite improvement all around.

2. Cleveland Browns

Again, another terrible uniform like the Bucs, brought back into what was great before the change. The Browns listened to tradition, the fans, and their roots. It’s wonderful to see the simple Browns uniforms again. As well as keeping the same Color Rush uniform as a secondary.

The Brown uniform is what we all grew up loving. Those beautiful shoulder stripes are back.

And with the beautiful shoulder stripes, comes sock stripes. There is literally nothing to complain about with the Browns 2020 uniforms. Especially the fact that no where on the pants does it have any wording…

1. Los Angeles Chargers

What might be the best part about the Chargers’ new uniforms is the video that went with it. Even though it came out before the Rams (whom they share/open the new stadium with), it is the complete opposite direction. The Rams give excuses reasons for each part of the uniform. The Chargers said in their video that basically those lines are total BS. (I’m paraphrasing)

I am a HUGE fan of the white helmets and the numbers ON the helmets. I love this traditional look in football, even if that means I’m saying Alabama looks good (they do).

Something tells me that they won’t be wearing this Royal Blue Color Rush too often. It looks very similar to the Rams new uniform set. Although, the Chargers unveiled TWO Color Rush uniforms, and the navy set looks way better anyway.

Also, the yellow pants are dope.

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