NFL Helmets Ranked: By Division

As promised on 3/26 episode of “Skol and Bones,” I have compiled an extensive list of all the helmets for every team. That’s a lie, I found one website that did all the research for me, and actually is a pretty cool website that has all the helmets for every team in any league of football, even NCAA D3 and beyond! Check it out!

I created my own rules as I looked at the whole list of the helmets.

  1. The helmet must have been worn for AT LEAST two seasons. No single game helmets or single season helmets.
  2. These are ranked on my opinion only. This doesn’t mean that because a helmet has “history” or has been the same forever, that it looks better. A star is boring to me..
  3. John promised to do the pictures for these helmets… Blame him for this getting out late.

NFC West

1. 1964-72 Rams

rams helmet 1972

2. 1983-01 Seahawks

seahawks 1983

3. 1960-04 Cardinals

cardinals helmet 1960

4. 1964-95 49ers

49ers helmet 1964



NFC North

1. 2013-Current Vikings (of course)

2. 1962-72 Bears

3. 1980-Current Packers

4. 2017-Current Lions

NFC South

1. 1976-96 Buccaneers

2. 2000-Current Saints

3. 1990-12 Falcons

4. 2012-Current Panthers

NFC East

1. 1974-95 Eagles

2. 1959-64 Redskins

3. 1980-99 Giants

4. 1977-Current Cowboys

AFC West

1. 1961-73 Chargers

2. 1975-96 Broncos

3. 1964-Current Raiders

4. 1963-73 Chiefs

AFC North

1. 1977-Current Steelers (booooo)

2. 1999-Current Ravens

3. 1961-14 Browns

4. 1981-Current Bengals

AFC South

1. 1975-80 Titans/Oilers

2. 1995-03 Colts (The 11/25/04 Helmet is best, but, only worn once apparently)

3. 2002-Current Texans

4. 1995-12 Jaguars

AFC East

1. 1990-92 Patriots (Although 1960 is baller, goes against my rules)

2. 1965-73 Bills

3. 1990-97 Jets

4. 1980-96 Dolphins

There you have it. John’s still probably mad about how low the Browns are in the AFC North, but I don’t care. It’s all about style and if you disagree that the Tampa Bay Bucs don’t have the best helmet of all time then you and I just don’t understand one another.

What do you think, which is the best?

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