NFL 2020 and Super Bowl LV Preview

We’ve got plenty of XFL to watch over the next ten or so weeks, but it’s never to early to start thinking about the next NFL season and who we’ll see in Super Bowl LV. The opening Super Bowl 55 odds are out, but we’ve got our own hunches of who will head into the “big game.” Below we walk through some of the contenders and some of the pretenders.

First let’s take a look at the teams that made the 2019 playoffs from each division.

AFC Teams that Made 2019 playoffs:

1. Baltimore Ravens – Pretty commanding year from them, but they came up short against the Chiefs even with the regular season MVP at the helm.
2. Kansas City Chiefs – We all know they went on to win the Super Bowl with a tremendous comeback, but will they be back to the big game next year?
3. New England Patriots – Tom Brady will be back.
4. Houston Texans – Probably the biggest pretenders that made the playoffs this year.
5. Buffalo Bills – If they can ever put together a competent offense, this is going to be a good team.
6. Tennessee Titans – Mike Vrabel almost ended up with a fairy tale ending to the season, but couldn’t take it all the way.

NFC Teams that Made 2019 playoffs:

1. San Francisco 49ers – This running game and defense was nearly unrivaled this season, but Shannahan couldn’t keep it together for one extra quarter.
2. Green Bay Packers – They will be in the playoffs every year until Aaron Rodgers retires.
3. New Orleans Saints – This could be the final big push for Brees and the Saints, but who knows.
4. Philadelphia Eagles – Surprisingly they ended up at the top of their division. Similar to the Bills, if they ever get it together on offense, they’ll be fairly unstoppable.
5. Seattle Seahawks – Same comment as the Packers, the Seahawks will continue to make the playoffs until Wilson retires.
6. Minnesota Vikings – What a strange on and off team.

AFC/NFC Team that made 2019 playoffs, that will not make 2020 playoffs:
John: New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles
Geoff: San Francisco 49ers and Buffalo Bills

AFC/NFC Team that missed 2019 playoffs, that will make 2020 playoffs:
John: Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys
Geoff: Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons

AFC/NFC Team likeliest to “Floor for Lawrence” (tank for top pick):
Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Predicted 2020 Division winners:

John: Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys
Geoff: New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles

John: Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings
Geoff: Pittsburgh Steelers  and Green Bay Packers

John: Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints
Geoff: Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints

John: Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks
Geoff: Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks

2020 Wildcard teams:
John: Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans, Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers
Geoff: Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons

Predicted 2020 Conference Championships:

John: Kansas City Chiefs @ Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks
Geoff: Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

Predicted Super Bowl LV:

John: Tennessee Titans vs. Seattle Seahawks
Geoff: Baltimore Ravens vs. Minnesota Vikings

Many things can happen between now and then that make our predictions stronger or weaker, but for now we feel pretty confident overall. No rematch from last year, but only time will tell. Let us know what you think!

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