MLB The Show 18: Soundtrack – Studs and Duds

john: 3Official rating: 60%

Opening week came and went with quite a bit of fanfare and plenty of fireworks (homeruns too). With the start of the season comes perennial PlayStation exclusive, MLB: The Show. MLB The Show 18 has some major improvements gameplay-wise (addition of bat flip animations), but how’s the soundtrack? Let’s take a look at the best and worst from the latest iteration.

Studs – The Best Songs

  • Little Silver Cross – White Reaper – This is probably my favorite from the soundtrack. The guitar harmonies and the vocals bring it home and are perfect for roster optimization.
  • Signs – NoMBe – This is my first time hearing NoMBe, who seems like a happier version of Elle King (yes, I know NoMBe is a dude). The guitar movement and the key shifts make this a fun one that you tap your foot to involuntarily.
  • Tension – Meyhem Lauren, DJ Muggs, Action Bronson – I mean come one, Action Bronson references a potato AND a banana in the same verse. Incredible.

Duds – The “No Thanks” Songs

  • I Got Music – Earl Juke – Take an old-timey sample, add a twangy country guitar and an upbeat beat, but don’t add any extra flavor or creativity and you’ve got “I Got Music”. This song just rubs me the wrong way. Meh. Liked this less every time I heard it.
  • Colors – Beck – I could potentially get behind this song, but the pan flute totally takes me out of it.
  • Midnight Train to Memphis – Chris Stapleton – I don’t know what it is about baseball soundtracks, but there seems to be a lot more country. That ratio gets too high and I start deducting points.
  • C’mon – Big Gigantic, GRiZ – too repetitive at the beginning for me. Tries to redeem itself once you get to the horns, but just never quite makes it there. Was big on it the first time, but annoyed by the second.

Songs That Are Growing On Me

  • The Evil Has Landed – Queens of the Stone Age – As a song, I love this track, but does it belong in MLB The Show 18? It feels a bit out of place because it’s a bit dark. Maybe I’m just being picky.
  • Style Boys – Shredders, Mike Mictian – It’s hard for me to get behind a song that uses the word “adjudicate” (to make a formal judgment or decision about a problem or disputed matter) and mentions “Brexit”, but this one managed to get a full couple of listens.
  • Champion – Barns Courtney – Like a poppy Clutch song, and I generally don’t like easy adds to a soundtrack, but this feels like the type of song that could play behind a promo for the World Series. At the same time, it’s a bit too similar to “Hands” from MLB The Show 17.

Final Thoughts

While I was not impressed with the soundtrack offering for MLB The Show 2018, it is a small step up over 2017. Really the only reason this year’s installment gets a higher score is because last year’s was so low (2/5). Someday they’ll get to a good mix of tracks, but for now I’ll probably just turn on the FIFA or Madden soundtrack while I’m playing.

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