MLB The Show 17: Soundtrack – Studs and Duds

john: 2Official rating: 40%

It’s springtime which can only mean one thing, baseball is back. With the imminent return of America’s pasttime comes another sports video game with a soundtrack, which means we’re looking at the studs and the duds. The overall list looks at both the list available via Playstation and the Ken Griffey Jr. playlist on Spotify. “The Kid’s Throwback Jams” is 38 songs long while the regular soundtrack is only 12. I waited two weeks to see if maybe they were adding weekly like other sports games, but nothing so far. Week sawce in my opinion.

Studs – The Best Songs

  • Talk to Me – Run The Jewels – Killer Mike and the samples used make this an upbeat song perfect for crafting your perfect game
  • Whoomp (There it is) – Tag Team – This song holds up surprisingly well
  • C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train) – Quad City DJ’s – Can’t help it, this song gets me pumped

Duds – The “No Thanks” Songs

  • Hieroglyphics – Beware of Darkness
  • Broken Bones – CRX – It just doesn’t do anything interesting. Same chord progression, same bass line over and over
  • Buick Mackane – Ty Segall – I’m not a big fan of lo-fi garage rock, so this one easily ended up on the duds list
  • The Way I Swing – Kid Sensation, feat. Ken Griffey Jr. – It’s not all bad, but it reminds me that other athletes like Shaq also tried out a rap career
  • Fantastic Voyage – Coolio – Sorry, the original by Lakeside is just so much better

Songs That Are Growing On Me

  • Hands – Barns Courtney – It’s just a good baseball song that you can envision game highlights being set to
  • L’odysee suit son cours – Assassin – At first I was like, French? No Thanks. But a second list I was like, alright, I can get behind this
  • It Was a Good Day – Ice Cube – I’m a big fan of Ice Cube’s discography, but not sure if it fits with a baseball game

Final Thoughts

A pretty disappointing showing overall. “The Kid’s Throwback Jams” is a good enough playlist, but it’s easy to take songs from the past and make a decent playlist out of it. These aren’t even the deep cuts! LAZINESS I SAY! The lack of newer songs is a bit of a shame, but maybe they’ll have more once the game actually comes out. I give the soundtracks an overall 2/5, but reserve the right to update once the full soundtrack is revealed. The game releases today, so I could be revisiting soon. Bottom line, Playstation is losing the soundtrack battle, by a lot, to EA.

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