Madden Cover Factoids

Tom Brady will grace the cover of Madden 18 which is being dubbed the “GOAT Edition” due to, I’m assuming, his affinity for petting zoos. If you’ll recall, last year’s cover was Rob Gronkowski. This marks the first time in the history of the Madden franchise that current teammates have made back-to-back cover appearances. The only other time it was close was when Barry Sanders appeared on the cover the year after Calvin Johnson.

Breakdown by Position

John Madden still holds the record for most Madden cover appearances, a record that will never be broken. In fact, only one player has ever appeared on the cover twice; Mr. Barry Sanders. It’s even unclear if that technically counts, but here it does. In some covers of Madden 2000, he can be seen in the background, but in other versions, it’s just x’s and o’s. Here’s a look at the by position breakdown of Madden covers. I mainly looked at the person(s) featured on the cover, none of that background garbage.

Coach – 11
John Madden (1988, 1991-2000)

Running Back – 8
2000 Dorsey Levens, 2001 Eddie George, 2003 Marshall Faulk, 2007 Shaun Alexander, 2012 Peyton Hillis, 2014/2000 Barry Sanders, 2014 Adrian Peterson

Quarterback – 7
2002 Daunte Culpepper, 2004 Michael Vick, 2006 Donovan McNabb, 2008 Vince Young, 2009 Brett Favre, 2011 Drew Brees, 2018 Tom Brady

Wide Receiver / Tight End – 4
2010 Larry Fitzgerald, 2013 Calvin Johnson, 2016 Odell Beckham Jr., 2017 Rob Gronkowski

Defensive Back – 2
2010 Troy Polamalu, 2015 Richard Sherman

Linebacker – 1
2004 Ray Lewis

Defensive End – 1
2008 Luis Castillo (spanish edition only)

Center – 1
2009 Roberto Garza (spanish edition only)

Breakdown by Team

So far, only 10 teams have not made it onto the cover of Madden in some fashion, with the Titans, Patriots, Seahawks, 49ers, Vikings and Packers making it on twice. Only the Lions have made it onto the cover three times. Some of the teams on this list are only in the background, but if I’m going to include the Spanish and European releases I felt it would be wrong to leave out the background teams.

Lions – 3 Sanders in background in 2000, Sanders featured on 25, Megatron
Titans – 2 Eddie George and Vince Young
Patriots – 2 Gronk and Tommy B
Seahawks – 2 Shaun Alexander ’07, Richard Sherman ’15
49ers – 2 background ’95 and ’99
Vikings – 2 Culpepper 2002, Peterson in Madden NFL 25
Packers – 2 Favre 08, Dorsey Levens 2000 (European edition)
Rams – 1 Faulk 03
Falcons – 1 Vick 04
Ravens – 1 Lewis 05
Eagles – 1 McNabb 06
Cardinals – 1 Larry Fitzgerald 10
Steelers – 1 Polamalu 10
Saints – 1 Brees 11
Browns – 1 Hillis 12
Giants – 1 OBJ 15
Bears – 1 Roberto Garza, Spanish edition Madden 09
Chargers – 1 Luis Castillo, Spanish edition Madden 08
Cowboys – 1 background 95
Panthers – 1 background 96
Jaguars – 1 background 96
Jets – 1 Favre alternate in ’09

Breakdown by Pose

Both Hands Up – 9
One Hand Up – 9
Hands Down – 10
Looking Left – 6
Looking Right – 12
Looking Straight Ahead – 12
Yelling – 3

Madden is Confused

One thing sticks out when you look at the old Madden covers. Each of his photos looks like he’s saying, “Don’t ask me what happened, it’s a computer. It’s basically magic.”

How do they get all these little guys into the television, I just can’t believe it.

All Madden Covers

Historical Madden Screenshots

When EA was preparing their exhibit in the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, they went back through and grabbed screenshots of pretty much all the Madden games they helped create. It’s not necessarily cover-related, but if you’re feeling nostalgic take a look through the photoblogs of each game. For some reason, I could not find 2010 so just skip over that one.

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