Madden 19 Soundtrack: Studs and Duds

john: 3Official rating: 60%

Madden NFL 19 will be out in less than 2 weeks and while we’re not all that excited for the continuation of the Longshot drama, we are excited to just have football back to some degree. If you’re looking for anything but hip hop, I fear you may not like much of Madden 19’s soundtrack. As of the beginning of August, there are 17 tracks, none of which are rock or country. I don’t discriminate regardless of genre so as per usual, here’s my studs and duds of the Madden 19 soundtrack.

Studs – The Best Songs

  • Bubblin – Anderson .Paak – Starting a beat with hip hop horns is generally a risky move, but Anderson .Paak pulls it off. While I am a bit sad they didn’t use the remix which features Busta Rhymes, this is a solid track to get started. For those of you not sure what bubblin’ means, it relates to a state of relaxation or chilling. The only thing that threw me off was the lyric “We act a fool for the paper” which to me sounded like “We at the pooper my maiden.” Anyway, ensure the bass is boosted for this track.
  • American Dream – Skizzy Mars – The name of the artist is pretty ridiculous, but I found myself enjoying the bass horn background and the heavy drum interludes.
  • Ball for Me – Post Malone, Nicki Minaj – The same way I don’t like Cardi B, I have a hard time not liking tracks where Nicki Minaj makes an appearance. This track by Post Malone is no exception. Flaunting wealth is usually annoying to me, but I still find myself coming back to this song like, yeah, I’m good with this.

Duds – The “No Thanks” Songs

  • Bad Company – A$AP Rocky, BlockBoy JB – I’m usually a big fan of the A$AP crew, but this song is just lazy. “When I say I got beef, they don’t want no beef. When they say they got beef, they don’t wanna eat.” While I understand the meaning, why the need to talk about beef so much especially since A$AP Rocky doesn’t eat meat. HE NEVER WANTS BEEF.
  • Money Bag – Cardi B – Money Bag has the line “Tramps jumpin’ on my dick, that’s why they call it trampoline.” What? How does that make any sense? The whole song is a jumble of words that left me more confused than the plot and timeline of Westworld.
  • WIN – Jay Rock – In case you weren’t sure what this song was about, Jay Rock reminds you “Win win, win, win, win.” Yes, it’s about winning. In fact, he says “win” 64 times in the song.

Songs That Are Growing On Me

  • Loose Lips – Berner, Pusha T, Conway, Fresh – The piano sample you hear throughout the track along with a booming bass help this song teeter toward the studs side.
  • Brxnks Truck – From Jxmtro – Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee, Slim Jxmmi– This track has the lyric, “I’m friends with the jeweler, my diamonds like Shamu.” So it’s trapped in a tiny tank and made to do your bidding? Once you get past the Sea World issues, Brxnks Truck has the potential to be a good track.
  • same squad – P-Lo – Not sure if you figured this out from the above, but the more that one particular word is used in a track, the less I like it. P-Lo repeats “same squad” a little to much for my liking right now, but I can see this being a friendly-fire compilation for Fortnite.
  • Big Bank – YG, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj – It feels, lazy, but see “Ball for Me” above and you’ll understand why it’s still on my radar. It’s also hard to get behind any song where they say “bank” more than 50 times. Update: there is now controversy related to this song due to Colin Kaepernick’s name being removed from the song. Big Sean was not pleased.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a decent soundtrack. It’s very straight-forward in that it enjoys hip hop and rewards bass over lyrical content. With no shift in genres, it’s hard for me to give a higher rating than Madden NFL 18, which was a 3.25, so the Madden NFL 19 soundtrack gets a 3. EA Sports played it safe this time around, but even though I hated “Whatever It Takes” from last year, I’m more mad they just didn’t try with this soundtrack. Listen below.

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