How To Be A Good Fantasy Football Commissioner

If you’re just starting a league then you may be wondering what it takes to be a good fantasy football commissioner. This may sound like a silly question, because if Roger Goodell can do it for a real league, anyone should be able to right?

If you’ve decided to take on the duties of being a fantasy football commissioner, or maybe you’ve been handed the position, have no fear. There will be ups and downs along the way, but overall this is an easy gig. By following some or all of the steps below, you’ll have your friends putting you on their shoulders at the end of the season.

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Be Transparent

One of the hardest parts of being a fantasy football commissioner is all the behind the scenes functions. Adjusting the league settings isn’t too difficult for you, but is it the best decision for the league. When encountering a decision that you know people will feel very strongly about, explain why you made the decision. If you decide to remove kickers from the league, explain why. Give the facts and your honest opinion. Don’t generalize.

You can't handle the truth!

We want the truth!

When making changes to the points system, be even more transparent. Let the league know the positions that can score, and the point values they can accrue. This won’t matter at this point in the season, but it’s still good practice to make all commissioner decisions known.

Make Decisions Quickly

The longer a dispute sits, the angrier or more frustrated each side will get. If a bad trade goes through through and everyone in the league knows it, folks aren’t going to be happy. Hopefully you have checks and balances in place to prevent such a thing (league voting on trades), but if not, rule with an iron fist and swing it swiftly.

Watch for Tankers

Toward the end of the season, some teams will be out of contention. It’s a sad truth that we have to deal with, but a majority of your league is going to end up on the losing side of the ball.

fantasy football commissioners know, there can be only one winner

Once folks are out, they may start abandoning their team, dropping nuggets of fantasy goodness into the waiver pool. Those that remain and are paying attention will definitely profit from such a player and it’s up to you to decide if this sort of behavior is acceptable. If you’re confident with the waiver system and think it will be fair then bully for you, but there’s a good chance teams owners are going to be fairly butthurt when they don’t benefit from the dumpage.

Give Some sort of weekly update

Whether it be via story, song, dance, video, small message, keep your league informed of how things are going. Trash talk a bit, make fun of people that made bad choices, have some fun. This is fantasy football. Things are supposed to be light-hearted. We’re out here throwing random numbers at professional athletes convincing ourselves that we can accurately predict how well they will perform. It doesn’t always end well.

i tried and therefore no one should judge me, said the fantasy football commissioner

Do not collude and do not permit collusion

As a fantasy football commissioner it would be easy to bend the rules to serve you best, but that never ends well. Don’t cheat the system and don’t cheat your opponents. If someone just happens to drop a good player and another owner just happens to pick that player up AND the two owners or besties or married, there might be something fishy going on. Time to move into investigative journalism mode and get down to the truth. Play fair and preach fairness (even if people laugh or belittle you).

Have Fun

Seriously, don’t become a power hungry dictator in your league or no one will want to play with you again. If it becomes too much of a hassle, hand the power to someone else. Fantasy football commissioner is not a glamorous position, but with a little work it can be pretty easy. You can do this, just breathe deep and crush all that oppose you.

fantasy football commissioner to the league, we're all going to have fun

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