Heavy NFL Kickers Throughout History

This weekend we were introduced to Joey “Big Toe” “Orange” Julius, a redshirt freshman at Penn State. Julius tips the scales at 259, packed onto a 5’10” frame. While at Lower Dauphin High School (PA) he attempted field goals up to 59 yards and helped his team to their best records in the past decade. He had committed to playing soccer at DI Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, but instead decided to walk on at Penn State to be their kicker (after a lengthy position battle).

As a senior in high school, he was listed at 200 pounds and as a sophomore was 185. Who’s to say what he did last year while redshirted, but by winning the job this year, it proves that whatever it was, worked.

Kickers are generally around 180 or so, but I wanted to find out who else had a little more heft to put behind the ball in the NFL. Below is a list of some of the heaviest kickers to play on an NFL team (240+).

Sebastian Janikowski – 6’1 / 265 lbs. / Lefty / “Seabass”

Average Kickoff Distance: 64 yards | Longest Field Goal: 63 yards (2011) | Career Points: 1,574 | Drafted 1st Round in 2000


Tom Dempsey – 6’2 / 255 lbs. / Half a foot

Longest Field Goal: 63 yards | Career Points: 729


Lou Groza – 6’3 / 240 lbs. / Offensive Guard / “The Toe”

Longest Field Goal: 53 yards | Career Points: 1602 (15th all-time)


Ndamukong Suh – 6’4 / 307 lbs. / Also Kicks People

Emergency kicker for the Lions in 2010, played soccer growing up. Power, check. Accuracy, ehhhh.


Joey Julius – 5’11 / 259 lbs. / Penn State Redshirt Sophomore

Career Long: 54 yards | 141 of 187 Kickoffs Were Touchbacks, shrunk an inch and one pound over this past season, now listed as 5’10” 258 lbs.

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