FIFA 17 Soundtrack – Studs and Duds

FIFA 17 released last week and along with it came the 39-song FIFA 17 Soundtrack (available on Spotify). FIFA has always done a good job with selecting music that is culturally diverse and diverse on the global scale as well. That being said it’s no surprise that I wasn’t jazzed with every song in the soundtrack. I will say FIFA 17 is already doing a better job at updating this list now that the game is released. Madden 17 promised updated playlists, but so roughly half a song per week. FIFA on the other hand is averaging around 2 new songs per week.

Of the songs I’ve heard up to the time of this writing, here are the studs, the duds and the songs that are growing on me.

Studs – The Best Songs

  • “Appeals” – Bayonne – It’s got a funky rhythm and echoey vocals that give you good vibes
  • “Isombard” – Declan McKenna – Had a feel of sports video games from early 2000s
  • “We Got U” – Lemaitre, The Knocks – This song’s all about teamwork and the whistling track makes you realize the game-winning goal you missed is water under the bridge to your teammates
  • “Move” – Saint Motel – Found myself accidentally listening to this one on repeat
  • “Same Old Blues” – Phantogram – An interesting feel that leads off with a sample from “Voices of Conquest” (2006)
  • “Bye Bye” – SAFIA – Swap your cleats for dancin’ shoes as this electro-mambo takes control of your feet

Duds – No Thanks Songs

  • “Tearing Me Up – RAC Mix” – Bob Moses, RAC – A little too Tom Waits, spoken word for me
  • “High and Low” – Empire of the Sun – Snoozefest alert! Will put you to sleep if you’re playing late at night
  • “Pleasure” – Formation – Chaotic, haptic and not my cup of tea
  • “Surprise Yourself” – Jack Garratt – Who put Bon Iver on this soundtrack?
  • “Love Songs” – Lola Coca – Old timey piano? No thanks. More spoken word…still not big on that
MRW I'm trying to find “Surprise Yourself” but fall asleep before I get there.

MRW I’m trying to find “Surprise Yourself” but fall asleep before I get there.

Songs That Are Growing On Me

  • “I trusted U” – Balkan Beat Box – A bit quirky and over time will probably win me over
  • “Explotar” – Compass: Mexican Institute – South American vibes…but big on the spoken word. Conflicted, but we’ll see
  • “Almighty Gosh” – Lucius – A bit of an Eastern-inspired melody mixed with Florence and the machine echo chamber
  • “Sto bene cosi” – Rocco Hunt – Takes me back to my Need for Speed days, not sure if I should be speeding around the pitch or on a back-alley race track

Final Thoughts

Overall the FIFA 17 soundtrack is pretty good, honestly probably better than Madden. The diverse blend gives you a bit of global perspective as you’re scorpion kicking your way to greatness.. It does a nice job of not taking away from the main game and won’t draw your attention away when you’re working on perfecting your dribbling skills. The weekly updates will also be a nice addition.

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