Create A Guillotine League with Yahoo Fantasy Football

Where the idea for guillotine leagues came from is a bit of a mystery. It for sure was created in some capacity by Paul Charchian of Fanball/LeagueSafe etc. See the below tweet.

From the Fanball site, guillotine leagues start with 17 teams and each week chop off the lowest scoring team. Once a team has been cut, their players are returned to the waiver wire and become fair game for everyone else. Fanball and LeagueSafe make you pay to get into guillotine leagues, but with Yahoo you can do it yourself.

Create a League

The first step is really this easy. Log into Yahoo Fantasy Football and click Create a League.

Basic League Setup

The first screen is important. You have to come up with a witty League Name. From there, change League Type to “Points Only”. You can set the rest of those options however you’d like. Now click Customize Settings.

Set Max Teams

On the next customization screen you’ll have the chance to set your league team limit. If you want a full season (16 weeks) you’ll need 17 teams (14 weeks, 15 teams, etc etc). Yahoo is cool with any number up to 20. Make sure you also set League Type to Points Only as that is all that matters in a guillotine league. League Start Week should be set to 1. Past that all remaining decisions are up to you.

Roster and Scoring

This portion of the setup is dealer’s choice. If you want a 2-quarterback league, you can do that, but that would be pretty evil since it would force 34 quarterbacks to be on the starting rosters in Week 1. Set it up however you decide as commissioner or put it to a league vote.

During the Season

Remember, whoever has the lowest score week to week is booted from the league and their players return to the waiver wire. That means that as commissioner you have to make roster updates before the waiver wire opens or folks are going to hate you.

I’ll update this after the first full week is in the books, but if I remember correctly, you head to League then Rosters and make all your adjustments there.

And there you have it, your very own free guillotine league. Happy head hunting!

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