7 Athletes That Played In The Super Bowl In Their 40s

Tom Brady is about to embark on a Super Bowl journey that some expected, but others mocked. “How can he possibly perform over the age of 40?!” Regardless of how you feel about him, he is the first quarterback to play in the Super Bowl over the age of 40. Much like he is now the only quarterback over 40 to win a Conference Championship, he’s prepared to top all of that with another Lombardi Trophy. Brady will join a prestigious group of six other players to hit the big 4-0 and still play in the Super Bowl. Check them out below!

Jerry Rice – 40 years, 105 days – Super Bowl XXXVII

Jerry Rice was playing for the Oakland Raiders when current-coach Jon Gruden thwomped the Raiders as the then-coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs may have won 48-21, but Rice hauled in 5 catches for 77 yards and a touchdown, including a 48-yard bullet from Rich Gannon. Rice played two more seasons, one and a third with Oakland then rounded out his career with Seattle. Rice finished with the highest rushing/receiving touchdowns in the NFL, a record that is nowhere close to being broken (207).

George Blanda – 40 years, 119 days – Super Bowl II

For George we dip back all the way to 1968 and Super Bowl II. George Blanda (sometimes listed as a quarterback) was the placekicker for the Oakland Raiders and went 2 for 2 on extra points, but missed his only field goal attempt. The miss didn’t matter much as the Raiders were outscored by the Packers in every quarter, losing 33-14. Blanda would continue to kick for the Raiders well into his late 40s, retiring after the 1975 season at the ripe old age of 48.

Tom Brady – 40 years, 185 days – Super Bowl LII

At the time of this writing, the Patriots haven’t played the Eagles yet, so can’t give much in the stats department, but Brady should be in a better spot than the AFC Championship where he was hampered by a hand injury.

Mike Horan – 40 years, 363 days – Super Bowl XXXIV

One of the only two 40+ players to be on a Super Bowl winning team, Horan was the punter for the St. Louis Rams when they beat Tennessee in Super Bowl XXXIV (January 30, 2000). Horan helped grocery-bagger Kurt Warner go the distance while punting in his worst performance of his career (26 punts, 40.3 yards per punt). The 1999 season would be Horan’s last, but at least he went out on a high note. This was the same game where Titans fans had their hearts ripped out after coming up inches short of the goal line at the end of the game.

Matt Bryant – 41 years, 252 days – Super Bowl LI

Everybody needs a kicker and there’s no time like the Super Bowl to rely on one. Matt Bryant kicked his heart out, but was only given kicks on extra points. This was in the 2017 historic loss to the New England Patriots, who were down 25. Bryant kicked four extra points and made them all. He was back again for the 2017 season and was 100% for extra points and 87.2% in his 39 Field Goal Attempts. According to his wife Melissa, he’ll be back for the 2018 season. The main question will be where since he is going to be a free agent.

FEBRUARY 5, 2017 HOUSTON TX Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant (3) kicks the extra points following a score as the Atlanta Falcons meet the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX, Sunday, February 5, 2017. John Spink/AJC

Jeff Feagles – 41 years, 333 days – Super Bowl XLII

Punter Jeff Feagles played with the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII (the famous helmet catch Super Bowl) and helped propel the Giants past the Patriots 17-14. Feagles had four punts at 39 yards per punt, but that was enough. Feagles played two more seasons and retired at the age of 43. Feagles was notorious for selling his jersey number, giving #10 to Eli Manning in exchange for a vacation and #17 to Plaxico Burress for a new kitchen remodel. Feagles also holds the NFL record for most consecutive games played in a career at a whopping 352. That’s every single game of his 22-year career.

Matt Stover – 42 years, 11 days – Super Bowl XLIV

Another kicker? Yes, they seem to be immortal. Stover has the second most points responsible for with 5 (2 extra points, 1 field goal), second only to Jerry Rice in Super Bowls over the age of 40. Stover kept the Indianapolis Colts close to the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV, but the Saints pulled it out in the second half, winning 31-17. After the season, Stover retired and would go on to be inducted into the Ravens’ Ring of Honor (Stover spent 13 years with Baltimore). In the 2009 season, Stover didn’t start with a team and was grabbed by the Colts after Adam Vinatieri went down.

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