10 Signs You Might Lose Your Fantasy Football League

Thursday night is the start of the fantasy football season, so be sure to get your lineups set, your final waiver pickups made and your team names updated. If you’re wondering how your team is going to stack up throughout the season, check out some of the ways to know if you’re going to lose your fantasy football league.

10. You’re Name isn’t something clever

If you are the owner of a team called “Best Team Ever,” hang up the keyboard, because you’re getting 0 points for creativity from the Russian judge. Alright, so it won’t make or break your season, but there are so many great names out there! Check out some of our team name lists for inspiration.

9. You Didn’t Know Your Kicker Was Cut In the Preseason

If you are in a league that forces you to draft the total chaotic, random variable of a kicker, double-check before the games tomorrow to make sure your team did not cut your kicker. You may laugh, but suriously, teams swap these dudes out faster than Taylor Swift.

Laughing and then looking baffled, my reaction when learning Robbie Gould was cut

8. You Let Your Dog Make Your Draft Picks

Hahaha, look at how cute Snuffles is when he paws at these two papers with different names on them. Robbie Gould in the second round? Snuffles, you cray, but alright. Hopefully you did your research bucko, because if not you’ll be in a world of hurt come week 4 once all the sleepers have been grabbed. Seriously, who’s Ruff Flufferbutt anyway.

this dog knows things

7. You’re taking waiver advice from Opponents

Trust no one. Everyone is out to get you. After all, this is a competition right? Opponents will attempt to undermine you at every turn and you must remain vigilant and look to sources like CBS, That One Sports Show, NFL, The Fantasy Footballers and other reputable outlets.

6. The Sky is falling after a first week loss

Relax, the season is roughly 14 weeks long. All the projections and talking heads can only predict so much based off of preseason showings, especially when it comes to rookies. Chillax and hold tight. Don’t abandon ship just yet on a bum RB. Week 3 mebbe, but Week 1? Not quite time to hit the panic button.

don't hit the panic button

5. You drafted Player X high in your draft

It’s true. If you drafted Teddy Bridgewater that looks like a wasted pick at the moment, but look around. Who’s his backup. Sam Bradford is going to end up filling in. If not this week then next. Last year Bradford had his best season. Your season isn’t obliterated just because one pick goes down (watch for 2 more big drops this week). When injury strikes, look for the backup, look for the next in line after that and keep an eye on how long the player is going to be hurt. Could be that your opponents are impatient and drop the player. PICK THAT SUCKER UP. Easy money.

4. You Don’t Know what a Bye Week Is

Oh boy, if you don’t know what a bye week is you are definitely losing this season. Most Fantasy Football setups give you a pretty good indicator of when a players bye week is. Hopefully you didn’t select players that have the same bye week. If you did, call that week a wash and don’t panic, unless that’s a make or break week, at which time you should think about trading for another player in the same tier with a different bye week.

bye bye bye week

3. You Didn’t realize that player injury affect weekly status

This isn’t Madden, so once your season starts, players that are on the field are open for injury and can totally affect your season. Use some apps like Bleach Report Team Stream or keep an eye on ESPN/NFL injury trackers to make sure you’re staying up to date. Twitter is another great source for how serious an injury actually is.

2. You don’t own a computer or smart phone

How are you doing anything including reading this?! Use all the tech you have. All hands on deck for the next 15 weeks. THIS IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE WORLD. Find every charger you have and stick it in the outlets in preparation for your device dying. Going out to watch the games? Buy 5 backup batteries just in case. There are life and death decisions that are made at 12:55, 3:55 and 7:55 every Sunday. Be a Boy Scout and be prepared.


1. This Just Isn’t Your Year

At the end of the day, no matter how hard you work on your team, watch the waiver wire, haggle with lesser players, sometimes the dice just don’t roll your way. Don’t beat yourself up champ, there’s always next year.


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